F2 Savannah - 5 years old

She is as beautiful as she can be. This incredible black beauty was born here at BeSpotted. She is as sleek, shiny and as beautiful as a jaguar and her features are simply stunning in person. She truly is a magnificent beauty.

Cricket is a very nice girl that carries excellent breed type, quality and good size. S he has so many great features for an F2 kitten from her beautiful long neck, to her great deeply cupped ears, beautiful long sleek body, wide nose bridge with ample black nose leather, beautiful triangular shaped head, nice fat tail, and nice length of leg. She is BeSpotted's only melanistic queen and she is as sweet as sugar and is turning out to be quite a looker.

Why a Melanistic (black) Savannah female you may ask and no, it's not because she matches my website theme! This color is genetically predisposed to aid in darkening and intensifying spots, clearing backgrounds in base coats for beautiful clear coats, all the while maintaining that wild exotic look!