BeSpotted's Savannah Males

My goal is to advance the quality of my Savannah males each year, hopefully producing kittens that excel not only in exotic breed type, but fertility. So far BeSpotted is doing pretty good in that department breeding or purchasing some pretty handsome males. Titus (in photo above) is one of them! My primary focus is to concentrate on breeding beautiful typey Savannah males, but also with a goal in mind to breed to SBT status, producing Savannah males that will have fertility as well as that lovely exotic look. BeSpotted's Savannah males come in every color allowed in the breed standard so we have the capability of breeding our queens several different ways.

In Savannahs it's always important to have a backup plan or two as far as studs go as many Savannah males turn out to be sterile. BeSpotted has covered that base with a line up of fertile males as well as very pretty upcoming males.

All of my males have the best personalities ever, and talk about sweet as sugar! Each are individuals in their own right, but oh what characters they all are! I just love my boys! Savannahs have awesome personalities and mine are no exception! Feel free to click on the individual male links below to see a gallery of photos for each male! The links will glow as your mouse drags over the link!

Call Name
Force Of Darkness of BeSpotted
Sauron Vickie Ehrlekrona
BeSpotted Behold Mighty Titus
Titus Vickie Ehrlekrona
BeSpotted Marcello
Marcello Vickie Ehrlekrona

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